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DIY Candle Making Starterpack

DIY Candle Making Starterpack All included for you you to try out candle making! A great gift or a great option for everyone that is just thinking about getting into candle making and isn't sure if this is for them. Box that packs everything you need to make yourself a candle!

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Q&A: Detailed Insights Into Our Candle Mold Business

What is Latvian Candles?

It all started back in 2015, when we as beekeepers were thinking of ways to use leftover wax. What better way than making pure, warm candles? After countless hours of searching online for molds, we realized that quality options were close to none. So, we took matters into our own hands and started to experiment with silicone molds ourselves. We sold some on Etsy and, long story short, now here we are!

What types of wax are recommended for use with your molds?

Our molds are best suited for natural beeswax, which shrinks appropriately upon cooling, facilitating easy removal of the candle from the mold. Soy wax may be used in some instances, but waxes like paraffin or those containing additives should be avoided to prevent issues with non-shrinking and potential damage during removal.

What advice do you have regarding wick sizes for candle making?

Selecting the correct wick size can be challenging, as there is significant variation among manufacturers. Our general guidance is to embrace experimentation with different wick sizes and types to discover what works best for your candle-making endeavors. The process should be enjoyable and exploratory, especially for those new to the craft.

How are your candle molds created and how are we fulfilling orders?

Our candle molds are meticulously handcrafted using proprietary techniques, setting them apart from mass-produced alternatives. Due to the careful attention to detail and the balance between production speed and client demand, there may occasionally be a short delay in fulfilling orders. We ask for your patience, assuring you that we are diligently working to complete your order within an additional few days if needed.

What should I know about your location and how it affects shipping?

Located in Latvia, our small family business prefers to ship orders through the national postal service, known for its reliability and safety. Given the differences in logistics compared to global online marketplaces, our shipping times may extend beyond those quick delivery windows many have come to expect. Rest assured, we clearly outline our shipping timelines in each product's description to manage expectations effectively. Should there be no update on your order's tracking for a period, this is typically not a cause for concern, as it often precedes the prompt arrival of your package.

Is it possible to order molds in large quantities?

Yes, we can accommodate requests for larger quantities of molds. If our stock appears low due to the interplay of demand and our artisan production process, please reach out to us directly. We're more than happy to discuss arrangements to produce and reserve specific molds for your needs.

Is it possible to create custom candle mold?

Yes, it is possbile, however custom molds are a special service we offer, primarily to repeat customers with whom we've established trust. The process involves modeling and 3D printing prototypes, with costs covered by the client, ranging between 100-300 EUR. We encourage new customers to first experience our standard molds before venturing into custom orders to ensure familiarity with our quality and capabilities.

How should the molds be cleaned?

Maintaining mold cleanliness is simple and essential for optimal candle production. Warm water and soap are effective for removing dust, wax, or other residues. We recommend regular cleaning to ensure the longevity and performance of your molds.

Will the surface of candles made with your molds be smooth?

Most of the candles will be perfectly smooth, however our use of 3D-printed models in mold making means that some candles may exhibit slight textural marks. While these marks are often minimal, we advise customers to consider this aspect if seeking perfectly smooth candle surfaces.