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Craft Beautiful Candles with the MALTESE CROSSSilicone Candle Mold

❤️The Maltese Cross is a powerful symbol of courage, valour, and knightly virtues stemming from its association with the Knights of Malta. With its distinctive eight-pointed design, each point symbolizes important attributes such as faith, justice, and endurance. This emblem not only reflects a rich history but also embodies a commitment to honor and protection. A candle featuring the Maltese Cross serves as a meaningful decorative piece, evoking a sense of tradition and dedication, making it an ideal gift or keepsake for those who value these timeless qualities.

For now we have one size but soon we will make more variations, reach out if you are interested.

Maltese cross

Size of the finished candle: ~5,31"/1,96"(~13.5 cm high x ~5 cm wide). Weight of the candle: ~265 g. The cross is placed on one side, and the rest of the candle is plain.

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