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THUNDER CROSS - Handmade Candle Mold

Craft a powerful Thunder Cross symbol candle with our Thunder Cross Handmade Candle Mould. The intricate shape is achieved through precision 3D printing. Made from high-quality, flexible silicone, this mould can be reused effortlessly without the need for a separator. We recommend using natural beeswax or additive-free soy wax to preserve the mould's integrity, as chemical colors may leave stains.

The Thunder Cross, also known as the Fire Cross, symbolizes health, well-being, and the eternal flame - representing the accumulation and expending of energy. It is a protector against evil and holds deep cultural significance. Despite some negative associations in the 20th century, the Thunder Cross remains an ancient and widely used Latvian symbol, engraved on holy stones, early Iron Age bronze jewelry, and Finno-Ugric enamelled brooches. Traditionally, the Thunder Cross would be carved above the door to a home for protection against lightning.


  • Size of the Finished Candle: 4.2" / 2" (12 cm high x 5 cm wide)
  • Weight of the Candle: 190 g
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